Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic


Most commonly thought of like a deep tissue massage. Using a combination of Swedish and trigger point modalities, the therapist addresses the musculoskeletal system, primarily focusing on the muscles. Trigger point therapy is a precision based technique that involves working muscle by muscle looking for and then clearing out triggerpoints or “knots”. Swedish moves are then used to connect the sections of the body.

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This style focuses on bringing symmetry and expansion to the body by first focusing on the musculoskeletal system's fascial structure. Through a systematic protocol of creating friction over the body, the fascia and through which the adhesions and trigger points throughout the body are affected. As this is accomplished through minimal glide, there is little application of medium applied to the client.

Integrated sessions

All sessions performed at Fox Valley Fitness use an integrated philosophy meaning each session is curated specifically for the client and needs of the session and will incorporate any or all of the modalities each therapist is trained in.

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