Fox Valley Fitness was started in 2009 by Christopher Betow in the attempt to bring good health and information to everyone. The mission at Fox Valley Fitness is to assist in bringing and keeping balance to your body through your life and activities. The body is a constantly changing and challenged system that by incorporating massage, stretching and fascia bodywork is capable of becoming stronger and adapting throughout ones entire life. By learning how to apply these different modalities and tailoring each to your needs during your life is the focus of Fox Valley Fitness, as a business. Understanding that at its core the body is a balance between muscles pulling on bones, stressors of life challenging the endocrine system, and proper movement of the interior network to the body is necessary to function properly. Fox Valley Fitness, strives to address any imbalances in movement and address all needs of the client whether your in a maintenance phase or recovery.


All services performed by those contracted by Fox Valley Fitness are done by experienced professionals with current accreditation or licensing in their respective fields.

As body improvement professionals we respect and are passionate about the human body and its ability to heal and perform exceptionally when properly trained and maintained.

Though we are always concerned with and exploring cutting edge research in both massage therapy and personal training, we believe in the basics. It is our striving force to help you incorporate these parts of physical health into your life.